Imagine a stunning suite-set enhancing your looks; a dazzling necklace adorn with sapphires and diamonds, and its multicolor gem set ring…

Your dreams of remarkable creations, of dashing jewelry pieces, are at hand. Whether the origin of this project is an artist’s rendering or the mere translation of your imagination, we will be able to make it come true for you.


First of all, we must select the best gem stones. Our Gemstone and Q&A department will devote itself to this delicate matter.

When the creative chemistry embraces the project, it comes to life; creation meets the skillful craftsman, bridging secular know-how and technology.

From renderings to CAD department, Cristofol-ASF brings together all the required technical expertise of high jewelry creation.




Jewelers work and shape the metal, the pieces are polished relentlessly and the final touch is sometimes given with sharpened boxwood or goose feather. The brMaushes of our craftsmen lay the lacquer delicately, the stones are set and capture the light…

And each of those precise movements, repeated a thousand times before, bring the jewel you had dreamt of to life.

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Cristofol-ASF consists of a team of over forty employees. All the crafts are represented therefore all pieces are manufactured on-site, from conception to completion of the precious objects.

The in-house CAD department totals ten jewelry developers who excel in the modeling of complex pieces. A free hand designer makes the team whole, thus enabling a balance between technique and creativity.

Over thirty specialized jewelers, setters and polishers are dedicated to manufacturing. The Quality & Assessment department is dedicated to the control of the pieces before assembly, during manufacturing and after completion. Gemstones are assessed before and after setting, and each step of the way is accounted for.

These procedures guarantee the utmost compliance with the most demanding operational specifications.

The workforce is made complete with the administration and sales teams.

The Company


The workshop extends over 4 300 square feet and it is located in the heart of Paris, between the Place de la Concorde and the Madeleine church, two minutes away from Place Vendome. Settled in a beautiful Haussmann building, the premises were entirely remodeled in 2014 in order to enable full control of the production in a highly secured environment.


Cristofol-ASF is an independently owned company. The client’s confidentiality is paramount and discretion is central to all of our projects, along with availability which is key to the high jewelry trade.

The hand of a jeweler


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        Cristofol was established in 1830 and is the oldest high jewelry workshop in Paris. In 2015, Cristofol and Louis Laurent merged to give birth to Cristofol-ASF. These two companies were already renown in the trade and Cristofol-ASF now brings together ancestral know-how and innovative approach to the craft. 


Cristofol has developed ties with both the US and Asian markets over the past twenty years. On these markets, Cristofol-ASF offers design services based on creative or marketing summaries, or BI documents sent by its clients. Once the renderings are finalized and the tech designs are validated, the pieces are designed and manufactured.

The administration team handles international shipments as well as customs processes for both temporary import and final exportation with care and diligence.

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Cristofol.ASF is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Read our ethics charter/policy here




4, rue Saint Florentin – 75001 PARIS

Tel: +33 1 42 98 86 86

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